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  1. Virtual Photo Exhibition 50 images by Lennart Borg

    I actually had to go to holy heaven for help, we could not fit all 50 photos
    Batch compressed images to 90% from 50 MB to 10 MB now I think they are now loading a bit faster at a low Internet connection
    Camera Ricoh THETA S
    Our neighbor Lennart Borg are shooting with a Cannon + macro objective.

    Uppdaterad 2016-01-15 klockan 04:10 av Svendus (spelling)

    Foto och Video
  2. Little Planets

    From places on this earth where we have been shooting Panorama

    Click on the Panorama links under the Planet images to see the Panoramas from where the Little Planets was made

    Uppdaterad 2016-01-06 klockan 18:32 av Svendus

    Foto och Video
  3. Linux version of Pano2VR5 Pro

    Countryside Hylte Conference Hotel and Hostels
    Charlottenlund are situated in the forest of Långaryd Sweden
    The YouTube Video are 18 stills shot with a Ricoh Theta S
    The original Panorama URL:
    The panorama are made with the Linux version of Pano2VR5 Pro

    Note: you should have the latest version of your browser to se the panorama and the YouTube Video


    Uppdaterad 2016-01-05 klockan 20:18 av Svendus

    Taggar: pano2vr5 pro
    Foto och Video
  4. Merry Christmas to all of You

    Merry Christmas to all of You
    And a happy New Year

    Uppdaterad 2015-12-19 klockan 20:06 av Svendus

    Taggar: christmas
    Foto och Video
  5. Vindkraft Panorama

    Latitud: 57.194216 Longitud: 13.64252

    Unfortunately there are moisture or snow on web cam lens to day

    The Danish 5 section towers becomes 133 m 436.35 feet tall when mounting is finished
    The huge crane is now 150 m 492 feet tall and lifts 800 ton

    if you carefully ...
    Taggar: panorama
    Foto och Video
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