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  1. God Jul och ett gott Nytt År

    Panorama V

    Uppdaterad 2016-12-16 klockan 17:13 av Svendus

    Taggar: merry christmas
    Foto och Video
  2. New Google+

    New Google+ from Svend Nielsen on Vimeo.

    Rather sad that New Google +
    can not show or display 360 Photo Spheres
    you have to go to Google Maps to see the images live
    Photo Spheres do not function or displays on new Google + in Firefox or Chrome Windows, OS X or Linux nor on iPhone iPad IOS 9.3
    Internet Explorer and Edge Windows 10 but
    Facebook can Display 360 panorama and video all Browsers
    Click the HD icon on Vimeo to play the Video in ...

    Uppdaterad 2016-07-12 klockan 10:17 av Svendus (lettering)

    Taggar: google+
  3. Get going with Google Street View

    Participate Google street View and become a Local Guide
    without panorama camera using Your smartphone

    You have to have your phone camera into the body to the composition of the panorama she'll be fine

    it went a rather mess on the ground

    Uppdaterad 2016-06-29 klockan 20:54 av Svendus (it went a rather mess on the ground)

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  4. Installing Pano2VR5 on Linux Mint 17.3 "Rosa" Cinnamon Edition

    Final version of Pano2VR5 for Linux are here

    Pano2VR5 on Ubuntu Linux
    from Svend Nielsen on Vimeo.

    Installing Pano2VR5 on Linux Mint 17.3 "Rosa" Cinnamon Edition
    Visit for more information

    The program can create virtual tours and interactive 360º panoramas.
    Use Equirectangular images Direckt from a Ricoh THETA S
    and Equirectangular images striched with PtGui or Hugin - Panorama photo switcher

    Uppdaterad 2016-03-01 klockan 12:17 av Svendus

    Foto och Video
  5. Virtual Photo Exhibition 50 images by Lennart Borg

    I actually had to go to holy heaven for help, we could not fit all 50 photos
    Batch compressed images to 90% from 50 MB to 10 MB now I think they are now loading a bit faster at a low Internet connection
    Camera Ricoh THETA S
    Our neighbor Lennart Borg are shooting with a Cannon + macro objective.

    Uppdaterad 2016-01-15 klockan 03:10 av Svendus (spelling)

    Foto och Video
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