• Linux Expert should knows, list of Command line Package Manager & Usage

    As a server administrator, we knows package manager is one of the top contributor on Linux environment.

    Are you Linux Expert? you want to know list of Command line Package Manager for Linux and usage, then this is the right place to know more about it. We have published major Command line Package Manager and usage, such as yum, dnf, rpm, apt, apt-get, dep, zypper, pacman & urpmi.

    Software are distributed through Packages that are linked to metadata which contain additional required information such as a software description, purpose of the software & list of dependencies which is necessary to run the software properly. They are provided by repositories, either local media (CD, DVD or hard drive) or online repositories. Upon installation, metadata is stored in a local package database which is used to retrieve software packages.

    1) YUM Command

    Yum stand for Yellowdog Updater Modified is an open-source command-line package-management utility. Yum command is used to install, update, search & remove packages on RPM based system such as RHEL, CentOS, upto Fedora 21 & other clones. It automatically resolve dependencies and make it smooth package installation without any trouble.

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      Rune.K -
      Man bör kanske lägga till flatpack > http://flatpak.org/
      Sedan finns det flera distributioner som har egna paketsystem som t.ex Slackware och Puppylinux.