• openSUSE : Distro Review Of The Week

    openSUSE is one of the best Linux distributions in the world. Apart from Ubuntu, openSUSE is probably one of the best multi-purpose distribution around.The distro is geared towards desktop users and developers working on desktop or server. openSUSE is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise.

    The Desktop(s)
    All of the desktop environments look great on openSUSE as they integrate well. openSUSE 42.1 is stable and everything just works.You would think for 4.7GB, you will get multimedia to work out of the box but you need to download codecs for multimedia playback as it comes with no proprietary ones.You get your user applications, the very capable LibreOffice, GIMP, uGet, Firefox and some others. openSUSE developers have also developed the Open Build Service (OBS) which is a build tool for packaging software for openSUSE and many other distros. There are thousands of packages available for openSUSE due the OBS.

    Desktop Environments
    As I mentioned earlier, you can install most desktop environments on openSUSE during the installation process or after installation with the very powerful YasT tool. With openSUSE, all software and desktop environments are first class citizens. Take a look at some screenshots of some of the desktop environments.

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