• 3 open source alternatives to PowerPoint

    PowerPoint is one of those programs whose use has become so ingrained in the corporate world that it is probably running the risk of becoming completely genericized, in the same way that some people use Kleenex to refer to all tissues, or BAND-AIDs to refer to all bandages.

    But presenting a slideshow doesn't have to mean using PowerPoint. There are a number of totally capable open source alternatives to PowerPoint for giving visual presentations. In many cases, the features of these “alternatives” are so compelling that, unless you're absolutely forced to use PowerPoint, I don't know why you still would.

    I've got a few new presentations to give coming up in the next couple of months that are essentially being developed from scratch, I thought it would be a great time to take a look at all of the open source presentation tools out there, and decide if it would be a good time to try out a new tool for any of these upcoming talks.

    It's also worth taking a little time to ask yourself what assumptions you are making about your presentation needs, and what kind of tool makes the most sense to use. For example, do you need to be able to present off of any computer, or share your presentation with others and be assured that they will be able to open it? Will Internet access be assured when you're presenting, or do you need a solution that will work offline as well?

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    Image credits : Vector Open Stock. CC BY-SA 3.0