• Skype Workarounds on Linux

    Skype on Linux is a much debated topic that unfortunately remains largely unchanged. Skype is something that most people just have to use, but the client’s official support for Linux is pathetic to say the least. The client version is old, buggy, and only available in 32-bit. Add the fact that the API is closed-source, and we are left with no alternatives as there can be no open source implementation that will allow us to chat with our Skype friends. However, there are some workarounds that can work for Linux users depending on the particular system used and the specific needs.

    Alternative Clients

    The first thing that is important to note is that Linux users may use other clients to access Skype, but it is mandatory to have Skype installed on your system to do this. Two clients that can do this are “Pidgin” and “Empathy”, but you will need the “pidgin-skype-common” and the “empathy-skype” packets respectively for this to work. You may then simply open Pidgin or Empathy and add your Skype username. Next, you will be prompt to login to Skype which will connect to the open source client on a system level.

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