• Configuring WINE with Winetricks

    1. Introduction

    If winecfg is a screwdriver, winetricks is a power drill. They both have their place, but winetricks is just a much more powerful tool. Actually, it even has the ability to launch winecfg.

    While winecfg gives you the ability to change the settings of WINE itself, winetricks gives you the ability to modify the actual Windows layer. It allows you to install important components like .dlls and system fonts as well as giving you the capability to edit the Windows registry. It also has a task manager, an uninstall utility, and file browser.

    Even though winetricks can do all of this, the majority of the time, you're going to be using it to manage dlls and Windows components.

    2. Installing

    Unlike winecfg, winetricks doesn't come with WINE. That's fine, though, since it's actually just a script, so it's very easy to download and use on any distribution. Now, many distributions do package winetricks. You can definitely use the packaged version if you'd like. Sometimes, those packages fall out-of-date, so this guide is going to use the script, since it's both current and universal. By default, the graphical window is fairly ugly, so if you'd prefer a stylized window, install zenity through your distribution's package manager.

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