• Linux Lite 3.2 Final Released

    Release Announcement

    Linux Lite 3.2 Final is now available for download. The overall theme of this release is a focus on Security. Linux Lite will now download and install the latest Linux kernel security updates when they become available via Install Updates. In this release we introduce for the first time the Lite Desktop Widget. This features basic system information as well as Updates status to emphasize the importance of keeping your computer up to date. Also in this release we've included several theme enhancements, lots of updates to our Lite packages, as well as the usual fixes from the 3.2 Beta.

    Presenting Linux Lite 3.2 Final

    Lite Desktop Widget - A new optional feature that displays basic system information, including Updates Status that reports the last time you installed Updates. A portion of the code for this widget was outsourced, so thank you to those who support and donate to Linux Lite. To enable this after installation, go to Menu, Settings, Session and Startup, Application Autostart tab, tick Lite Desktop Widget. Logout then Login again, the widget will appear at the bottom right hand corner of your screen after a few seconds of logging into your Desktop. If you want transparency for the widget, go to Menu, Settings, Window Manager Tweaks, Compositor tab, tick Enable display compositing. The Updates Status will refresh information every 5 minutes eg. 5 minutes after you update, the status will change to Your system was recently updated providing there were any updates installed.

    Red - system is overdue for updates, update now
    Green - system was updated within the last 3 days
    Yellow - a reminder that it's time to update your system

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