• Top 12 Best and Popular Linux Desktop Environments

    Everything is open in Linux and there is no hidden secrets, that is not limited to any particular application. Like that way we are getting bunch of options for all but most of the times, it making trouble to newbies & some point of time experience users to choose the best one because of the wide range of choices.

    Are you new to Linux ? i can understand your situation because i have faced big trouble to make a move to next step when i planned to switch Linux (5 years back). Don’t worry i’m here to guide you smoothly, to choose the best Desktop Environment (DE) for your Linux distribution to move next level.

    Desktop environment bundles with variety of components to provide common graphical user interface, also include a set of integrated applications and utilities based on DE’s. There are numerous Desktop Environments available for Linux. only few DEs are similar to windows but don’t panic other DEs also working good. Today i’m going to review Top 12 Best Linux Desktop Environments with detailed information to meet your needs.

    I have been using Linux for 5 years and tried almost all familiar DEs which i have listed below. I will not stick with any particular distribution & desktop environment long time, at-least every 6 or 8 months once i will switch to new desktop & distribution as my primary OS to learn and get experience on that. Don’t try this because it’s bit difficult for newbies but i like very much for experiments.

    Here, i have listed Top 12 Best Linux Desktop Environments for Linux which will help you to choose best one for you. Each DE’s have their own unique style, interface, tweaking tool, bunch of apps, widgets, addons, extensions & many features. No restriction on Linux to stick with pre-installed desktop comes with distribution and possible to install multiple environments in the same machine. You can select the new one at the login screen at any time.

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