• How To Start Learning A Programming Language

    Have you ever wonder how everything works? From Smartphones Operating Systems to even each and every Linux Distro and every Operating System created by Microsoft and Apple. How does it play my favorite music? How does it save my files to the cloud? How does actually everything works? All this questions are answered with one big bolded and all capital “PROGRAMMING”.

    So, you might be asking yourself, “yeah I know programming runs all but, how should I start and from where?”

    In this article, will be stated some tips that can help you beginning to program.

    It's All About Logic

    Some of you may have mistaken by the idea that to be a good programmer you need to be very good in maths, that is not totally wrong but to be good in logic is the most important. For math you can learn eventually for something that you need on that time but logic you will need all along the way.

    Logic has the ability to make you create in your mind the shortest path to solve the problems and when I say shortest I mean that you can program but not be a good programmer if your logic is not that good.

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