• How to Set Grub to Remember Your Last Selected Entry

    How many times have you rebooted from Linux to load Windows? Those that dual-boot their system have done this quite a lot. The thing about dual-booting is that it relies heavily on the Grub bootloader and its entries. This gets worse when you realize that Windows has to restart a lot as it updates.

    The result is users load windows, updates, and find themselves in Linux (or another installed operating system) thanks to Grub’s terrible default settings. Not to worry! There’s a way to set Grub to remember where you last left off! This means when you load Windows (or any operating system), and it restarts, it’ll load it again!

    Note: for more tips and tricks on Grub, don’t forget to take our Grub Mastery course.

    Back Up Grub

    Before any configurations changes are made, it is a good idea to back up all Grub configurations just in case anything goes wrong. Assuming you are currently running Linux in your machine, start off by opening a terminal and making a backup directory.

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    1. P-I Hs avatar
      P-I H -
      Väldigt bra funktion, speciellt när man tripple bootar. Nu kan man också ha kort väntetid i Grub för att välja OS.