• 7 Great Ubuntu Application Launchers You Can Use

    By default, Ubuntu comes with the Unity desktop environment, and while it is quite a good interface, especially for people who are new to Linux, you may want to use a different launcher. Maybe you want a launcher that looks more like the dock on your Mac, or the taskbar on Windows. Either way, there are quite a lot of options that you can choose from, when it comes to application launchers for Ubuntu. So, if you’re looking for some Unity launcher alternatives, here are 7 great Ubuntu application launchers you can use:

    1. Docky

    Docky is as close as you can get to the macOS dock on Ubuntu. The launcher works exactly the way a Mac’s dock works, and you can configure it to use different themes, styles, and even align it elsewhere on the screen. One of the best features in Docky, is that you can create multiple docks, and place them on any edge of the screen. You can configure the theme for each dock that you create, along with specific docklets that you want to place there. The battery info docklet is especially useful, if you need to monitor your battery at a glance. Docky allows for a lot of customization, and is definitely one of the application launchers for Ubuntu that you should try.

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