• 3 cool features in Ubuntu 17.04

    Driverless printing is awesome

    The official list of new features in Ubuntu 17.04 is quite short, but one that caught my eye was driverless printing. One of the big headaches of printing on Linux is that some manufacturers don’t supply drivers with the standard CUPS distribution. My old Canon PIXMA 870 was always a pain to install due to the need for a custom driver, which I had to hunt down. So the prospect of printing without that hassle was very intriguing.

    You have the option of using Unity 8

    Yes, Canonical is killing off Unity 8 for 2018’s LTS release. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try it out now. Like Ubuntu 16.10 before it, 17.04 comes with the option to run Unity 8 when a user logs in.

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