• What Ubuntu Unity Fans Can Do to Keep Your Favorite Interface

    Ubuntu’s Unity interface is going away. Canonical has cancelled development alongside all work on Ubuntu phones and tablets. The Mir display server, too, won’t see much investment going forward.

    What Switching Back to GNOME Means for Ubuntu Canonical has announced the end of the Unity desktop. From Ubuntu 18.04, the GNOME desktop will be restored. What does this mean for Ubuntu, and its relationship with Linux users?

    What’s a Unity lover to do? Fortunately, the interface isn’t gone forever just because its creator has decided to move on. Unity may live on, and if not, there are other ways to create a similar look and feel.

    What Is Unity?

    Unity is the user interface that Canonical created for the Ubuntu Linux operating system in 2010. Since 2011, it has been a distinct part of the Ubuntu experience.

    Unity’s most prominent features include a dock along the left side of the screen, a global menu in a panel across the top, and a Dash that lets you launch applications and perform searches from a single location. Other details include pop-up notification bubbles, progress bars that appear over app icons, and plenty of keyboard shortcuts.

    Unity is not a full desktop environment like GNOME or KDE. Canonical intended for the interface to let users access the apps they already love, though this started to change as work progressed on Unity 8 and Mir. Unity 7 was ultimately the final version to see release.

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    1. P-I Hs avatar
      P-I H -
      Jag har använt Unity enda sedan det introducerades och tycker det fungerar bra.
      Nu när jag följer utvecklingen av Artful Aardvark har jag bytt till Gnome och loggar in till Gnome istället för Unity.

      Har installerat gnome-shell och med några Gnome Extensions blir det ungefär samma upplevelse, som att använda Unity.
      De extensions jag använder är de här: "Better volume indicator", "Dash to Dock", "KstatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator", "OpenWeather", "Status Title Bar" och "No Topleft Hot Corner".

      Favorit program startas med ett klick.

      De noteringar/indicators, som jag använder, visas i övre panelen.

      Sökfunktionen i Activities är lite annorlunda jämfört med "Dash" i Unity. Att hitta program fungerar lite bättre. Att hitta information fungerar lite sämre. Det går inte att hitta filer, man får bara träff på kataloger.

      "Dash to Dock" är lite intelligentare än Unity:s Launcher. Om ett program täcker "Dash to Dock" visas den inte, men om ett program inte täcker "Dash to Dock" visas den. Det går att flytta om favoriter i "Dash to Dock" precis som i Unity. Det går precis som i Unity att lägga till ikoner för start av "Google Apps" typ "Gmail" och "Google Kalender" i "Dash to Dock".