• The Differences Between Multiverse, Universe, Restricted, and Main Repositories on Ubuntu

    When you want to install new software or updates to already installed Ubuntu software, by default Ubuntu provides four different software repositories to get it from. These repositories are Main, Universe, Restricted, and Multiverse. Maybe you have wondered what’s behind their cryptic names. Here is what each of these represent.

    1. Main – Free and Open-Source Software Maintained by Canonical

    The Main repository is the largest one. It includes all core packages as well as all the free and open-source packages from the default Ubuntu installation. All the software in the Main repo is free and open-source – no exceptions here.

    All the software in the Main repo is maintained by Canonical, the parent company of Ubuntu. This means the package has been tested for compliance before inclusion in the build. It also means that security updates and critical bug fixes for the package will be provided by Canonical for the lifetime of this particular Ubuntu release (three or five years or more – this varies among releases).

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