• Ubuntu 17.10: Finally, an exciting Ubuntu release

    Ubuntu will undergo a major face-lift sooner than expected. Jack Wallen explains why this change is important, and what it will bring to the former darling of Linux distributions.

    The days of the boring Ubuntu releases are over.

    The release of Ubuntu 17.10 was going to be the final iteration to include the ousted Unity desktop interface. Instead of following the pattern Ubuntu has held since it attempted to bring convergence to the Linux desktop, Canonical is going to jettison its in-house desktop earlier than originally scheduled. That means the next release of Ubuntu will be the first in years to bring about some major change. That change comes by way of the one-two punch of GNOME Shell and Wayland. You read that correctly...where Ubuntu had been pushing hard for Unity 8/Mir, they've scrapped them both and are going with an environment already proven to work well.

    This should be exciting news to the Ubuntu faithful who jumped ship due to either a distaste for Unity or frustration over stagnant development.

    The idea of replacing X.org with Wayland is long overdue. Ubuntu 17.10 will offer the Wayland session along with an X.org session so you can select which one, but my guess is Wayland will be the only X server with the 18.04 release.
    Even so, the fact that Ubuntu is bringing about these changes one release earlier than expected should be a clear sign that Canonical has finally opened its eyes to what their user base wants and needs.

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