• How To Run Windows Software on Ubuntu with Wine

    Linux is a great operating system, but its software catalog can be lacking. If there’s a Windows game or other app you just can’t do without, you can use Wine to run it right on your Ubuntu desktop.

    Wine is a work in progress, so it won’t run every application perfectly — in fact, some applications may not run at all — but it’s improving all the time. This beginner’s guide will get you up and running with Wine.

    Wine Application Database

    The process of finding out whether an application will work with Wine and tweaking it to work can be tedious, so the Wine project hosts an application database known as the Wine AppDB. Search the database for an application to see ratings, comments, tips, guides and tweaks left by other users.

    Platinum-rated applications run perfectly, with no tweaks required, while garbage-rated applications don’t run at all.

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    1. Rune.Ks avatar
      Rune.K -
      En bra genomgång av hur man använder Wine för att köra Windowsprogram i Linux.
      Alla windowsprogram fungerar förstås inte, så det är bra att kolla på Wine AppDB innan man börjar på att installera.