• 5 Simple Ways to Download YouTube Videos on Ubuntu

    From making piano-playing cats popular to giving skilled musicians a platform, YouTube has become one of the most pivotal entertainment hubs of our generation. Not only has it successfully revolutionized entertainment; it has also made knowledge and education more accessible to the bleakest corners of the world. Founded in 2005 by three former PayPal employees, no one had thought that YouTube would go on to become the third most popular site on the Internet.

    While most people use YouTube for entertainment, there a growing number of people who are incorporating this video sharing site into their studies. Thanks to revolutionary uploaders like Khan Academy, education has become simpler, more accessible, and easy to understand. That said, not everyone has access to the Internet, and sometimes, it’s a great idea to download those videos on a thumb drive and share it with others. However, as easy as it sounds, it’s not always possible to download videos off YouTube. Thanks to the dreaded copyright laws and a host of other reasons, downloading videos from YouTube is not allowed.

    That said, it’s not as if you can’t download videos from YouTube. There are interesting sites like KeepVid and others that offer the functionality for free. And yeah, if you’re on Ubuntu too, there are a few options that will let you bring the best of the video-sharing site to your hard drive. So, without further ado, here are some of the best ways you can download YouTube videos from your Ubuntu desktop.

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    1. vaxxipoohs avatar
      vaxxipooh -
      Nice å Tuba :-)

      Jag har gjort en liten fil som jag använder när jag vill göra *.mp3 filer av musik jag hittar på YouTube. . . den kräver youtube-dl och ffmpeg . .

      cd $DL_DIR
      echo -e ${CYAN}Youtube url till att starta med ...$NC
      read VIDEO
      echo -e ${CYAN}Vad heter artisten?$NC
      read ARTIST
      echo -e ${CYAN}Vad är låtens namn?$NC
      read NAME
      youtube-dl $VIDEO -o "${ARTIST} - ${NAME}.flv"
      ffmpeg -i "${ARTIST} - ${NAME}.flv" "${ARTIST} - ${NAME}.mp3"
      rm -rf "${ARTIST} - ${NAME}.flv"
      echo -e ${GREEN}Videon är Konverterad till mp3 och finns i $DL_DIR $NC