• 4 Things You’ll Love About Ubuntu 12.04

    The new version of Ubuntu–12.04, codename “Precise Pangolin”– is officially here, meaning two things: I get to be really happy about new features, and some people get to complain about Unity in the comments. Horray!

    It’s been a year since Ubuntu made Unity the default interface, and man: many of you were not happy. I was thrilled, however: in my opinion Unity is better looking and easier to use than any other Linux user interface. Sure: there were some rough edges in that release, but overall I got the Linux desktop I’d been trying to hack Gnome into becoming for years.

    Heck: in a lot of ways I like Unity better than OS X, an operating system I use a lot.

    Unity isn’t a tablet user interface being forced on desktop users: you’re thinking of Windows 8. Unity is a system that works well on laptops and desktops–it’s really easy to use using only the keyboard–but will also work well on a tablet if necessary. This interface, along with projects like Ubuntu for Android, won’t bring about the magical “Year of the Linux Desktop”, but they do give Ubuntu a solid spot in today’s complex computing market.

    12.04 improves on Unity’s strengths, and addresses some of your old complaints. It’s fast, includes new features desktop users will love, and, as always, gives you quick access to the latest free software. There are even new customization options by default–including the ability to auto-hide the dock.

    Not sure what Ubuntu or Unity is? Check out this in-browser demo of Unity to get a feel. Then keep reading to find out why I love Ubuntu 12.04

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    1. fd.svenssons avatar
      fd.svensson -
      If there’s one thing people complained about when Unity first came out, it was the lack of customization. Unity is never exactly going to be KDE when it comes to this, but there are some frequently-requested tweaks offered in the “Appearance” settings.

      Som sagt, Unity kommer aldrig bli som KDE

      Men okej, jag får väl pröva igen då. Nu när man kan gömma dockan.
    1. Zeds avatar
      Zed -
      De 4 saker som togs upp i demon var egentligen inget nytt. Allt detta går precis lika enkelt att göra i Ubuntu 10.04. Demon borde istället ha fokuserat på vad det är som är så speciellt med Unity och vad som är en förbättring mot hur man arbetade i t.ex. Gnome 2 och KDE.