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  • Goobuntu: When Google Makes Its Own Ubuntu

    Before Linux started to invade every facet of our lives while displaying its majesty to the everyday user, it was an operating system that developers swore by. They still do and that’s why Ubuntu and other derivatives are used throughout the workplace of programmers big and small. One of the biggest is Google and they even have their own custom version of Ubuntu called Goobuntu.

    Matt Cutts directed us to a talk by Google developer Thomas Bushnell at the Ubuntu Developer Conference. Ubuntu Vibes reports that Bushnell went over the Goobuntu operating system and how Google is using the Ubuntu operating system.

    It probably comes as no surprise, but a lot of people at Google use Ubuntu. This is what led to the creation of Goobuntu, their own personalized version of the operating system. It’s not so different from regular Ubuntu as Bushnell says the UI is essentially the same. The difference comes in the form of changes to security authentication and other background operations that make their version more stable and secure.

    Goobuntu is based on the LTS releases of Ubuntu and is upgraded every release. This upgrade process can take up to four months and could even cost them anywhere around $1 million if something were to go wrong. It’s nice to see a company taking upgrades so seriously, even if the potential cost is quite high.

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      Tulle -
      ok, så var laddar man ner detta?
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      Tulle -
      Haha.. computer systems will fail.. yes , yours too.. im dead serious.. it will fail ..
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      Citat Ursprungligen postat av Tulle Visa inlägg
      ok, så var laddar man ner detta?
      Jag tvivlar på att det går att ladda ner, men jag kan ha fel.
      Man kan börja med att kolla på Distrowatch, de har koll på alla publika distributioner.