• Kdenlive 0.9 Released

    Video editing is one of the few areas where GNU/Linux is behind Windows and Macs. There are no professional grade video editing software for Linux. However, there are many honest attempts to bring quality video editing to the Linux platform. Kdenlive is one such project.

    The team has announced the release of Kdenlive 0.9. Some of the new features include:

    Improved effects workflow
    The effect stack was rewritten to allow adjusting parameters for several effects in one go. Effects can also be grouped, groups can be saved and effects or groups can be dragged and dropped onto another clip.

    Automatic audio alignment
    If you have been working on a scene with several camcorders, Kdenlive can now automatically align the clips in timeline using the audio.

    Easy import of online resources
    Kdenlive now has an online resource browser that allows you to easily preview and import audio, graphic and video resources from archive.org, freesound audio library and open clip art.

    Läs hela artikeln.

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    1. Rune.Ks avatar
      Rune.K -
      Jag installerade kdenlive i Ubuntu 12.04 med Unity, programmet plus bibliotek och kde-runtime behöver 318 MB på hårddisken. Kdenlive använder ffmpeg och xine istället för de vanliga video-biblioteken i Ubuntu.
      Det vore kul om någon som förstår sej på videoredigering, har lust att testa kdenlive.
    1. Tulles avatar
      Tulle -
      skulle man till äventyrs vilja göra en film kan det här vara nåt at börja med

      Första inlägget hänger ihop med videoskapande.