• Precision and purpose: Ubuntu 12.04 and the Unity HUD reviewed

    En 4 sidor lång redogörelse om Ubuntu 12.04 från ars technica.
    Vad jag kan se så är den komplett, t.ex så redogörs det om Zeitgeist och om hur man använder HUD som aktiveras genom ett tryck på alt-tangenten och sedan skriver man bara det man söker.

    Ubuntu 12.04, codenamed Precise Pangolin, rolled out last month. The new version of the popular Linux distribution brings updated software and new features, including the highly-anticipated Heads-Up Display (HUD) interface. The HUD is one of several excellent improvements that have helped to make Ubuntu's Unity desktop shell even better in Ubuntu 12.04

    When Unity was first unveiled in 2010, it was introduced as a new graphical frontend for the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Canonical later brought Unity to the desktop, making it the cornerstone of the company's Linux usability enhancement efforts. Ubuntu 11.04 (released last year) was the first version that shipped with Unity as the standard environment on the desktop.

    Unity has come a long way since Canonical and the Ubuntu community began working to iron out its rough edges on the desktop. The performance and stability issues that afflicted earlier versions have largely been remedied. It was already in great shape back in October when version 11.10 was released, but it has benefited from further refinement.

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