• Essential Tips When Switching From Windows to Linux

    If you’re a Windows user and are always intrigued by the Linux world, then many times you might have wondered about switching to the light side. As easy as it sounds, and easy as it really is, there is a certain sort of paranoia Windows users have before trying out anything Linux-related. This inhibition can be partly attributed to Microsoft’s long-standing domination and partly to the bad reputation Linux has with the so-called ‘normal’ users.

    That said, it’s not as if people aren't switching to Linux. Slowly, as users are getting tired of Windows, and are opening up to new technologies, Linux is getting recognition in the most unexpected of domains. Also, thanks to the amazing work Ubuntu is doing to make things as user-friendly as possible, there is no doubt that the underdog is slowly rising against the Redmondian monopoly. So, if you too are thinking about switching from Windows to Linux, here are some tips that might help you make a smooth transition:

    Choose the right distro

    They are right when they say that the “first impression is the last impression”, and it does really hold true for many users who switch to Linux. More often than not, Linux users start with a distribution or a flavor that isn't suited for them and eventually end up disappointed with Linux in general. And, it’s not really their fault nor is it the fault of Linux developers who spend hours working on some great software. The main problem is that there are so many choices welcoming Windows users that he or she often gets overwhelmed by the variety. Also, most people are introduced to Linux by some of their ‘geeky’ friends who often use distros that are more suited to themselves and which, in turn, end up turning off the normal users.

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