• Linus Torvalds crowned joint winner of 1.2m euro tech prize

    Summary: Linux creator Linus Torvalds has won the prestigious Millennium Technology Prize alongside stem cell researcher, Dr Shinya Yamanaka

    Linus Torvalds has today collected his Grand Prize in Finland’s 2012 Millennium Technology Prize - tech’s equivalent of a Nobel Prize - for his creation of the Linux kernel.

    Following the announcement of Torvalds’ victory back in April, the prize was officially awarded on Wednesday afternoon at the Technology Academy Finland in Torvalds’ city of birth, Helsinki. Torvalds returned to Helsinki for the ceremony from his current place of residence, Portland, Oregon.

    The Grand Prize has traditionally gone to one laureate. However, this year, Torvalds shares the title with fellow laureate, Japanese stem cell researcher Dr Shinya Yamanaka, who is credited with discovering a new method to develop “induced pluripotent stem cells” from non-pluripotent cells.

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      Tulle -
      Roliga kommentarer.. och kudos till bägge pristagarna :P
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      christer2 -
      Läste i dagspressen att de båda föreslagna pristagarna fick dela på prissumman 1200000€.