• Best System Cleaning Software for Linux

    As a Linux user, when you see your Windows-using friends cribbing about their bloated computer, you couldn't help but chuckle a bit. We all know how Windows, after a certain amount of time, tends to slow down as if a tired bull. And, despite many software that claim to remedy that problem in a jiffy, nothing works as good as a freshly installed operating system. But well, you can’t always keep formatting your system, especially on a productive machine or even your friend’s precious laptop. And that is one of the most important reasons why we’re seeing a steady growth in migration towards Linux.

    Linux, unlike Windows, doesn't get bloated over time, nor does it require defragmentation and frequent rebooting. And formatting, well, most Linux users have rarely reinstalled their distribution thus eliminating the rigmarole their Windows-using counterparts have to put up with. That said, it is not as if the penguinian operating system is completely free from slowdowns.

    Though not even nearly half as severe as what we see on Windows, Linux too does suffer from some bloats and slowdowns thanks to increase in the number of unwanted files and cookies that tend to accrue over time. Thankfully, though, there are bunch of amazing and yes free tools to help you get rid of the problem. In this article, we’ll be covering the best ones in that genre.

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    1. Tulles avatar
      Tulle -
      Hehe ..ja jag brukar formatera om varannan månad bara för att inte glömma bort hur det var.. NOT!!!
    1. Rune.Ks avatar
      Rune.K -
      Att formatera C: och installera Windows på nytt aktar man sej för, det är flera dagars jobb innan man har installerat alla uppdateringar och program som man behöver.

      Då är det betydligt enklare med t.ex Kubuntu, man får ett komplett system direkt, möjligtvis att man installerar några favoritprogram bl.a Clementine.
    1. Tulles avatar
      Tulle -
      ja.. alla har sina favoriter.. jag har märkt att Lubuntu slarvar med paketen och proppar in gnome paket.. vilket ger mig problem.. det kanske inte står så länge på innan jag byter..
      Regel nummer 1.. datorn skall funka..
      Regel nummer 2 ..om datorn inte funkar.. kasta u skiten du har i och stoppa in skit som funkar